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Sorenson BioScience is a manufacturer of disposable plastic liquid handling products. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, it was founded in 1981 as Mµlti Technology, Inc. The company rapidly became an innovator in the manufacture of liquid handling products for scientific research. Stressing quality in every product, Mµlti began developing features that provide greater accuracy and reproducibility for the most exacting fields of science.

In 1991, Mµlti joined the Sorenson Group of companies. Headed by entrepreneur and medical products pioneer James L. Sorenson, the Sorenson BioScience continued a tradition of innovation focusing on producing high quality liquid handling tools - especially for molecular biology. Today, Sorenson products are used in research labs worldwide and include pipette tips, PCR products, microcenterfuge tubes, MµltiFlex gel loading tips, and the innovative, ergonomic and environmentally-friendly OneTouch tips.

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